Research & Development

Marketing Materials Development

Develop a web presence: $1,000+. Assistance to obtain a unique domain and setup hosting for a new site. Template design is done on paper until approvals are given then applied on screen, and may include Flash presentations (full Flash animated site additional), photo galleries and event calendars. Flash presentations may be turned into CDs. A typical site is 5-10 pages.

Expand your web presence: $1,000+. Coordination of new features to add to your site: filming your expertise on-site, posting on your site for downloads. E-commerce to sell products and services. E-newsletters. Search engine optimization and management. Preparation for distribution (online, television, radio).

Promotional materials that match your website. Logo design (may be animated); Business cards; Letterhead; Envelopes; Postcards; Brochures; Flyers.

Packaging of project proposals and business plans: Research; Documentation/substantiation; Guidance; Presentation defined; Presentation created; Hard copy CD; Printing; Find sources/get costs; Develop exhibits

Technology project coordination. What project can use help with? What would you like to do? Can we incorporate you into ours?

Additional services. PowerPoint or Flash presentations. Database cleaning and 'farming' for actionable information. Competitive research and analysis. Post-sale follow up and analysis. Product launch programs tied into merchandise sales, with or without companion items. Co-brand marketing campaigns.

R&D / Strategic Development

Relationship Building

Acquisition & Development Management


Multimedia Communications


Contracts for Project Joint Ventures

Product/Service Development & Licensing

Team & Resource Expansion

General Client Services

Creative Endeavors Advantages
  1. We target business and creative solutions with a methodology to strengthen placement in a global, regional or national arena.
  1. We create and incorporate, through a campaign approach, a market strategy that is cost-effective.
  1. Become a sponsor prior to a long-term engagement.
  1. Individual service packages.

Markets we can target:

  • Companies that own a trademark but have no brand recognition. We can assist in developing an identity and image building campaign through the creation of new product divisions.
  • Companies that have a brand who want to develop co-ventures and co-brand campaigns with other brands for a cost-effective program that matches resources.
  • Companies that are developed to a level where they could joint venture a new division. The success ratio of such a division would be increased because we create a new brand, marketed through Limited Edition collections.
  • Companies who wish to bring projects to Creative Endeavors for development as a client joint venture. Creative Endeavors also creates projects and invites clients into them.

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