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Creative Endeavors' programs provide for intellectual property expansion and increased capital assets.

We provide the resources and research and development for capital funding, as well as a product-service program without the usual risks associated with startups or expansions.

We align interests into a co-market branding campaign strategy, increasing a plan's success cost-effectively.

Our program participations include Managing Partners, Consulting Partner Companies, Consultants, Consultant-Clients, Affiliates, Owner-Producers, joint endeavored business and creative teams as part of a Licensed Partnership between Licensors and Licensees. Partners are offered the opportunity to oversee and to invest in projects.

Joint Venture Program

Creative Endeavors forms joint ventures within the following scenarios:

  1. Client-Partner Program
  2. Capital Investment on Product Sales
  3. Co-brand Marketing Program

Client-Partner Program: Once a client forms a relationship with Creative Endeavors to develop a brand on retainer (10 percent required upfront), we may determine to exchange interest in a developing project in lieu of part of our fees.  This typically involves turning a brand into a new division for the client.

Capital Investment on Product Sales:  Capital investors can participate in product sales for one of our brands, as a royalty agreement, and covers expenses such as operations costs, travel, and entertainment.  Client-Partners may become a capital investor to extend a brand we or they are developing into a new division on a joint venture or Licensed Partnership basis.

Co-brand Marketing Program: Licensed Partners (or Joint Venture Partners) own a brand with us, utilizing our tagline(s), as a licensed agreement to use with their brand or product/service. Client-Partners may become a Licensed Partner, and would typically be a product manufacturer for whom we are developing a brand.

Our co-brand program gives companies and individuals the opportunity to increase their value through the matching of brands and licenses with manufacturers, distributors, artists, videographers/photographers, writers, production, special events, advertising campaigns and technology-driven merchandising opportunities.

Partner Program

Consulting Partner Company Program: We trade our value and refer business, to increase our business profiles and create partnered co-venture opportunities for increased market value.

Consultant Program: We offer, through campaigns, to increase their reach in the marketplace to clients, customers and patients, as a development for them or vested participation for us and/or client-partners.  Campaigns are positioned to develop clients and projects.  Consultants receive high-profiled placement on and other related sites, as developed.  Additionally, we assist them to impart their knowledge through merchandising (promotional materials) as a group effort, or may pay separately for individual merchandising as a Consultant-Client.

Consultant-Clients: Generally all Consultants are treated as a client, but this program is specifically for Consultants who work with us on a project basis, with a nominal participation fee and the balance of time/costs are negotiated within a project opportunity or on a trade basis, discounted for building their business (brand).

Affiliated companies receive an initial, licensed use of our Website as a tool for presentation purposes of their Website(s), with additional placements held open for them as an opportunity-based relationship with the Affiliation. It is the most minimal starting point for a mutually beneficial, company-to-company relationship.

"I have been developing programs and teams for thirty years. It's been an adventure! "

-Janis Des Rosiers

A Hypothetical Advertising Agency for 2010 _______ MediaPost ________ What we came up with: the Connectioncy, a hypothetical firm that could: dramatically reduce the classic "Principal-Agent problem" that can occur in almost any situation where an owner hires an agent, goals are seldom fully aligned and information flow is often incomplete. This is exactly why our imaginary firm will not be an "agency." Everybody will be a principal. We will not have clients. We will have joint ventures. Every new account will in fact be a new company co-owned by what used to be called the "client" and what used to be called the "agency." There will be ample stock options for employees of both firms---as well as for active, involved consumers and media partners.