Creative Endeavors’ diversified resources can lead or support your business objectives to expand market reach and revenue in ways that make the most of your resources and capabilities.  We expand the possibilities for new or currently owned trademarks to expand into alternative brands that achieve a greater market reach.  Through brand extensions we increase value and recognition for client properties on an advisory or consulting project basis. 

Brand Expansion -We gain an understanding of your motivations and resources to create a specific individualized program and procedures that support major assets, by identifying best income opportunities for growth, researching opportunities for feasibility, and selecting the most appropriate for development.  We create marketing direction, setup markets, and oversee the marketing or multimedia program.

Market Strategies -We look at your industry, marketplace, and resources to identify and develop strategic partnerships or acquisitions that help you sell and support your products and services to customers.   We liaison to create campaigns through advertising and merchandising. 

Multimedia Opportunities -We inter-relate multimedia outlets and campaigns.  Multimedia supports our campaign objectives that include design, entertainment and artistic interpretation, utilizing technology to reach a wider market by promoting, placing and presenting. 

Creative Endeavors Consulting Partners expands the value of intellectual property, adding to new intellectual properties on a client or joint endeavored basis.  We create brand extensions through concepts and, through the extension, create licensing value for the brand.  Through our programs we align, assist, and interrelate the resources of our clients and our partnerships, affiliations and associations.


Business Skills and Creative Talent

Creative Endeavors Consulting Partners is a joint endeavored team designed to raise your profile in the marketplace, and increase the value of your resources.  Through our team’s diversified skills, talents and expertise, we provide individualized marketing strategies.  Additionally, our unique structure provides investment opportunities into brands (yours or ours).

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