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Janis Des Rosiers

Jan Des Rosiers (pronounced 'day-rose-shay') began her career as an entrepreneur in fashion and entertainment in her teens. Studying dance, and modeling, appearing on television for the Detroit based Motown Records, she also began receiving business knowledge while working as an intern for Senator Robinson, of Michigan. Jan’s first business developed when she began working as a dance teacher for children, and working with the Danny Thomas St. Jude’s Hospital fundraisers while in her mid teens. Her academic career included honor role status while attending the private college prep school, Sacred Heart (Dearborn, Michigan) and at the University of Texas, while working as a model/spokeswoman for Russian Leather Cologne, California Avocado, Parker Pen and Mercedes Benz.

She continued to work in the entertainment arena both producing and directing pop bands for extended road trips including Las Vegas. Jan developed sponsors to fund road shows for state fairs, and as lounge acts for casinos and entertainment centers. She later became a board of director of an entertainment venue in Detroit, Michigan.

In Jan’s early twenties she returned to her home state of Michigan, continued modeling for Ford Motor Company, and opened her own boutiques in Michigan and Florida. She began an international trade business in her twenties with partners to produce, export and distribute home accessories from the Pacific Rim to the Midwest. Her company, JDT Enterprises, designed and worked with Korean manufacturers and importers. She also developed banking relationships to provide her and her clients with letters of credit.

Jan joined the corporate world after winning a position as an account executive. She successfully developed a team and marketing strategies for the major department stores. She trained under and worked with the vice president of Indian Earth Cosmetics (Beverly Hills, California) who had previously been the president of Clairol.

Jan developed multimillion-dollar accounts. She hired and trained a staff of sales representatives that helped her establish the company in major markets in the Midwest and on the East Coast. Relocating to Washington D.C. due to a promotion to Regional Vice President, with Indian Earth Cosmetics, Jan was able to pursue her interest and expand her knowledge of international business. She developed an intern program with the University of Baltimore and a strategic alliance with the Commerce Department, working with the head of the South American division. She traveled to South America, setting up an international business for Indian Earth.

Upon the sale of Indian Earth, Janis set her corporate goals at a higher level. She won the position of marketing executive over five hundred other candidates, with Sterling Pharmaceutical. She had the opportunity to work with the chairman and the president of their health and beauty division, Parfums Givenchy.  The president was Mr. David Chinn (now president of Kodak) who had also been president of Estée Lauder. Jan trained under Mr. Chinn in a corporate management training program.  Upon the sale of Givenchy to Veuve Clicquot Champagne, she stayed with the company and was quickly promoted as one of the first women in the top three percent salary earners in the U.S., and one of the primary persons in charge of developing their U.S. business.  Traveling thousands of miles, this included working with the corporate buyers, merchandisers, presidents, chairmen, as well as all levels of management and staff of the companies Givenchy did business with.

Jan led the company to a 300 percent increase in sales through the merchandising and development of new products and promotions with the vice president of marketing, Sophie Dior (Christian Dior's daughter).  She worked with Fortune 500 companies while generating publicity through promotional and product placement strategies, which she also planned. As part of the marketing campaign, Jan managed regional and national events as well as charity participations, traveling throughout the United States and Europe to determine and manage the company’s business plan objectives.  The experience of working with an international fashion house enabled Jan to travel the world, set up markets, and work with a staff and a team throughout the United States. Visiting and working throughout Europe gave Jan the springboard into her own company, after Givenchy transferred her from the East Coast to the West Coast.