Our projects:

  1. Assist in protection, presentation, product development, packaging, market strategy development and implementation
  2. Match products within a campaign for co-brand promotion
  3. Keep overhead minimal and reinvests profits into extended property opportunities
  4. Develop Licensed Partnerships matching a license, with a producer, to our campaigns

Our products:

  1. Products (which can be a service or items) are matched to a license, campaign, and new merchandise to cost-effectively test-market consumer response, especially for new services or collections
  2. We offer a co-program to design, produce, distribute and promote collections through a limited edition campaign
  3. We merchandise a story; surrounding it with advertising, event plan, taglines, invites, banners, and gift with purchase at point of sale.

Our Support Services:

Begin to Brand

Through cost-effective presentations and placement

  1. Advertising and promotions
  2. Marketing/co-marketing campaigns
  3. Competitive analysis
  4. Website development
  5. Marketing materials
  6. Public relations
  7. Special events
  8. Talent sourcing and
  9. Packaging of project proposals and business plans
  10. Project coordination

Expand Your Brand

Through liaison representation
and product expansion

  1. Concepts and designs
  2. Licensing
  3. Products in a campaign
  4. Manufacturing and distribution
  5. Material resources and labor
  6. Negotiations of rights and permissions
  7. Packaging
  8. Product placement
  9. Virtual showrooms

Extend Your Reach

Through multimedia expansion and vested participations

  1. Downloadable business systems
  2. Databases
  3. Online communications
  4. Virtual studios
  5. Animation / Flash
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Banner, video, viral campaigns
  8. Video streaming
  9. Website design
  10. Trade program opportunities for vested participations


Research & Development

Client Mission

We employ a team approach.
We exchange our skills, talents and expertise.
We are professionals guided by our need to achieve success.
We achieve our success for you, without the usual high cost of doing business.
Together we share a vision and entrepreneurial spirit that is unique and powerful.

Creative Endeavors increases recognition for and ensures the investments of clients' currently owned brands/trademarks by developing comprehensive business plan and marketing strategies. Our diversified expertise and resource matching any organization's or individual's objectives to enter or expand upon current markets.

Clients are developed like partners, and in many instances do become partners to expand upon their current level of business and ours. We offer our client-partners the following intellectual property development services:

Through our brand opportunities we offer campaigns and technology-driven merchandising tools to sell and promote in an informative and entertaining format.

Creative Endeavors Consulting Partners implements and fulfills client contracts through a campaigned approach within a program, timelined that is set forth to create profitable relationships.

Through the various phases and stages, discussing the pros and cons, we can provide:

Creative Endeavors' diversified expertise and talent can accomplish an organization's or individual's objectives to enter or expand upon current markets, incorporated into:

R&D / Strategic Development

Relationship Building

Acquisition & Development Management


Multimedia Communications


Contracts for Project Joint Ventures

Product/Service Development & Licensing

Team & Resource Expansion

General Client Services

Creative Endeavors Advantages
  1. We target business and creative solutions with a methodology to strengthen placement in a global, regional or national arena.
  1. We create and incorporate, through a campaign approach, a market strategy that is cost-effective.
  1. Become a sponsor prior to a long-term engagement.
  1. Individual service packages.

Markets we can target:

  • Companies that own a trademark but have no brand recognition. We can assist in developing an identity and image building campaign through the creation of new product divisions.
  • Companies that have a brand who want to develop co-ventures and co-brand campaigns with other brands for a cost-effective program that matches resources.
  • Companies that are developed to a level where they could joint venture a new division. The success ratio of such a division would be increased because we create a new brand, marketed through Limited Edition collections.
  • Companies who wish to bring projects to Creative Endeavors for development as a client joint venture. Creative Endeavors also creates projects and invites clients into them.

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